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Fall Cookie Decorating - Beginner to Intermediate




Hi, I’m Emily! I am the Owner and Cookie Decorator of Crumble Catering Co. I stumbled into the world of cookie design in 2015. I didn’t have the slightest clue about the basics of decorating cookies, but I knew I had a passion for baking and a best friend getting married—lingerie shaped cookies, get ready! It wasn’t long before I began receiving requests for custom orders, and I decided to leave the corporate world to make this cookie designing venture my full time business.

While I enjoy dreaming up custom designs for client orders, I have also fallen in love with teaching the techniques. The best part about a cookie decorating class is that it doesn’t matter whether you have an artistic background—I certainly didn't when I started! You just have to be open to learning something new, willing to take on a challenge, and motivated to apply yourself a bit.

I’m so excited to be working with the Level Up community and can’t wait to give you a taste of something sweet! 

To learn more about my company and see what I've been up to, visit or check out @crumblecateringco on Instagram.


Ready for some sweater weather and all the fall feels? You’ve come to the right place!

Follow along with Emily of Crumble Catering Co. as she provides you with the step-by-step process of decorating these 'Hello Fall' themed cookies. Grab a piping bag and get your hands a little sugary!

In this class, you’ll learn how to work with royal icing using the following techniques: 

  • outlining
  • flooding
  • sectioned flooding
  • basic lettering
  • basic floral detail
  • simple + detailed lines
  • pressure piping
  • basic textures
  • wet-on-wet

Each of these techniques will be practiced and then executed onto your themed cookies (a sweater, coffee cup, pumpkin, wreath) that will have a pre-planned design chosen by Emily. You will work with a piping bag and a scribe tool to fine-tune the icing.

There are no silly questions, so Emily is happy to answer any along the way to help troubleshoot!

See you there!


A digital download workbook will be accessible after enrollment. Learn how here. 

It will include the following:

  • How to prepare before class
  • Resource list for where to find items to prepare (ie piping bags, food gel, etc.)
  • Basic recommendations for decorating/storage (ie tipless bag cutting, troubleshooting, drying time, shelf life) 
  • A hand-cutting template for shapes
  • Piping/flooding practice template
  • Step-by-step illustrated guide

Cookie Dough and Royal Icing Recipes are not included in this class. 

Need to learn about the dough and royal icing first? Check out Dough and Icing 101 - A Guide to Baking and Mixing to receive recipes and level up your dough and icing skills.


A set of fall-themed cookies to enjoy!

Enrolled learners will receive the Zoom link playback via their student profile inbox within 24 hours of this live-online class.

Minimum age requirement: None

Must have baked cookies and mixed colors in icing bags, a scribe tool (or toothpick), print the practice template from the digital download, paper towel, scissors to follow along in this live-online class.

Either have taken Emily's recommended courses or have your own cookie and royal icing recipe to use for this class!


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Amy Heuser
Sep 27th 2020
Wonderful class and so much fun! Emily breaks down intricate designs into simple, step by step instructions that are easy to follow along so you can make your beautiful cookies! She can also tailor the techniques from beginner to more advanced skills. Good follow up class to her ‘Dough and Icing 101’ if you are a true beginner or great on its own it you want to develop your decorating skills. Highly recommend!

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