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Royal Icing 101 - A Guide to Color and Consistency Mixing




Hi, I’m Emily! I am the Owner and Cookie Decorator of Crumble Catering Co. I stumbled into the world of cookie design in 2015. I didn’t have the slightest clue about the basics of decorating cookies, but I knew I had a passion for baking and a best friend getting married—lingerie shaped cookies, get ready! It wasn’t long before I began receiving requests for custom orders, and I decided to leave the corporate world to make this cookie designing venture my full time business.

While I enjoy dreaming up custom designs for client orders, I have also fallen in love with teaching the techniques. The best part about a cookie decorating class is that it doesn’t matter whether you have an artistic background—I certainly didn't when I started! You just have to be open to learning something new, willing to take on a challenge, and motivated to apply yourself a bit.

I’m so excited to be working with the Level Up community and can’t wait to give you a taste of something sweet!

To learn more about my company and see what I've been up to, visit Crumble Catering Co. or check out @crumblecateringco on Instagram.


Sugar cookies looking a little plain? Add some COLOR!

Join Emily of Crumble Catering Co. as she provides you with the tools necessary to understand royal icing consistencies. She will also help you understand and apply the best practices to color match icing to your favorite palettes.

In this class, you will learn about the following steps/techniques:

  • Mixing a batch of royal icing
  • Achieving detail icing consistency
  • Achieving flood icing consistency
  • When to use each type of consistency
  • Color matching to a specific color palette (the color palette from Cookie Decorating for Beginners - Summer Essentials class)
  • Brief introduction to cutting tipless bags

Once the icing colors are mixed and the consistency bags are prepared, Emily will demonstrate what each of the icing consistencies look like as they are piped out of the bag. You will follow along using a practice template to begin getting comfortable with piping and be able to apply it in your next class.

The Cookie Decorating for Beginners - Summer Essentials class would be the perfect opportunity to try it out as you'll already have your colors mixed!

There are no silly questions, so Emily is happy to answer any questions along the way to help troubleshoot!

See you there!


A digital download workbook will be available after class enrollment. Learn how to access here.

It will include the following:

  • How to prepare before class
  • Resource list for where to find items to prepare (ie piping bags, food gel, etc.)
  • Color guide
  • Recommendations for color mixing
  • Piping/flooding practice template
  • A step-by-step guide to creating icing consistencies
  • Notes on decorating/storage

Other classes offered by Emily: 

Cookie Dough 101 will provide recipes for perfect cookies tips/tricks for a perfect roll, cut, and bake! 

Cookie Decorating for Beginners - Summer Essentials will be your step-by-step guide to decorating a set of summer-themed cookies!


Multiple piping bags of both detail and flood royal icing consistencies in a range of colors.

Enrolled learners will receive the Zoom link playback via their student profile inbox within 24 hours of this live-online class.

Minimum age requirement: None


Learners must have ingredients on hand to make a batch of royal icing!

Please be sure you have the recommended equipment to follow along: tipless bags, food gel coloring, scribe tool/toothpick, paper towel, spoon or mini spatula, wet measuring cup, dry measuring cup, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, saran wrap, standing mixer, and printed piping/flood template from the digital download.



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Michelle Voss
Sep 26th 2020
Emily did a wonderful job with royal icing 101. She is a great teacher and it was easy to follow along. I’m an experienced baker but royal icing was completely new to me. I left feeling confident and eager to use what I learned. The notes she shares before the class are very helpful. If your interested in decorating cookies or want to try something new take this class! You won’t regret it!

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