Britney Tezanos-Pinto

Teaching since May 2020


Hey friend! My name is Britney and I am Your Creative Counterpart. I am a 2w3 who gets so much fulfillment from assisting others, especially my fellow creative pals! I have been a previous blogger, serial crafty project starter and I am also a proud mom, wife, and dog mom. I have been working in the training industry for over six years and enjoy sharing my love of learning and knowledge library with others so they can jump right into whatever they are interested in easier as I share the strategies I have learned along the way. 

In my adventures as Your Creative Counterpart, I support, encourage, and develop creatives so they can focus on the things they love without all the hassle! I offer coaching, photography, workshops, and a variety of other services and projects upon request. I cannot wait to have you in class to help you reach your goals and find out what other fun endeavors we can partner on.

Want to chat more? Feel free to check in with me on Instagram, Facebook, or through my email list on my website. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Big Hugs,



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